-skopìa al Festival per i 70 anni del Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

-skopìa sarà presente al prestigioso ‘Reimagining Human Relations in Our Time’, il festival che celebrerà i 70 anni del notissimo Tavistock Institute, grazie ai suoi ambasciatori di anticipazione, Rocco Scolozzi e Marco Valerio.

Questo l'abstract:

From Dystopias to Desirable Futures in Human Relations

Visioning the steps inbetween  The event will take participants on a compelling journey in the possible futures of human relations. It will be divided into three phases.  Beginning from collective dystopic images that pervade our collective imagination (through cinema, video-games, mass-media, etc.) we will try to answer some questions: considering human relations, In 2050, what sort of world would we not like to live in (undesirable future)? How may we push those undesirable futures away?  Through a systemic approach, we will identify the processes that might lead to those undesirable futures. Then, a back-casting exercise will help us to visualise the pre-conditions that might trigger negative dynamics in the future. We will progressively project ourselves in 2040, in 2030 and back to the present, in order to identify compelling strategic choices of today to make undesirable futures less probable. Assuming that our drive to act comes not only from dystopic fears, but also from our aspirations, we will focus on the personal contribution that each one of us can give for a better future of human relations. The last exercise will funnel our individual contributions towards a shared vision, invigorated by daring references and goals..

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